Tips for First Time Importers


Before you can partake in importing, you need to register as an importer through which you will receive an importers code. Once you have this code, you will be able to import goods into your country legally.


When importing, certain documents are necessary to ensure a smooth and safe transition of goods. The most important document you need when importing is a commercial invoice, this document includes a detailed description of the item/s, the exact quantity and the true financial value of the item.

Accurate descriptions.

When importing goods, you must ensure that the description of the goods needs to be clear and in detail. Include details such as materials that make up the item/s and their components.

We do this because different materials are charged at different duty rates. A clear description is needed to prevent confusion and delay.


When importing, all dangerous/hazardous goods must be declared and the correct paperwork needs to be compiled. Appropriate packaging and labelling must be in order for importing.

These are just a few details to be aware of when considering importing. For cost-effective, safe and convenient importing, contact us at Afmex Cargo today.