Control Room and Tracking

Our fleet is monitored mainly by our Operations Staff.

They are able to monitor the fleet 24 hours via live satellite tracking software installed directly on their laptops and phones.

Our director also has access to the tracking systems should our Operations Staff not be available. As a backup service, the tracking company can also provide us with any updates we might need, if we are unable to access the details via the equipment we have.

Rapid Response Facility

In the unlikely event of a suspected hi-jacking / accident, we are covered by the tracking company, who provide rapid response services.

This service attends to any alarms raised from a vehicle/s or if instructed to do so, by our members of staff that monitor the vehicles.

A team is sent out to the vehicle/s to assess if everything is in order. Various security verification processes are carried out to confirm if the driver and cargo are indeed correct as per our knowledge. Once all criteria are met and the security personnel are satisfied, the all clear is given and the vehicle/s can proceed as normal.

In-Transit Monitoring

All our vehicles are fitted with live satellite tracking systems from Tracker Webfleet.

The Tomtom units fitted are able to provide constant monitoring throughout the region.

Panic buttons and an on-board keypad are fitted as part of the package to guarantee extra safety. All drivers are trained in their usage. Vehicles are monitored constantly in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the DRC. The tracking can be utilised depending on the routes that we travel, so options are available if need be.

Truck Communications

All our vehicles are fitted with on-board keypads.

This is an extra service provided by the tracking company to ensure that we can have a direct link with our drivers, should be no other method of communication for whatever reason.

In additions to this, all our drivers have mobile phones and sim cars for the various countries that they travel to. This is an added benefit, as we are able to get hold of them constantly, to pass on or get various information we may require and to check on their well-being during the transport.

Trafalgar Logistics was registered and began operation in May 2003.

Trafalgar Logistics head office and main depot is located in Johannesburg's Industrial area of Isando, while the remaining depots are located in Southern Africa, namely Beitbridge Depot in Zimbabwe, Harare Depot in Zimbabwe and Lusaka Depot in Zambia.

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